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You're in the place where fun and innovation collide. CyberWolf Meme Token brings together the theme of wolves and artificial intelligence technology to offer a unique and exciting experience.

Why CyberWolf Meme Token?

Entertainment: Step into a world filled with funny and creative meme content. CyberWolf Meme Token is here to make you laugh and entertain you! Community: Build a community to laugh and have fun together. CyberWolf Meme Token is a meeting point for meme enthusiasts. Innovation: With our innovative approach, we merge meme culture and artificial intelligence technology. Join us for extraordinary experiences! What Do We Offer?

Unique Meme Content: Gain access to a platform filled with unique and unforgettable meme content. Community Interaction: Meet other meme lovers, chat, and share your favorites. Creativity: Create, share, and engage with your own meme content. Become a part of the CyberWolf Meme Token family! How Can You Join?

Join CyberWolf Meme Token today to step into our fun world. We can't wait to laugh and have fun together!"

syberwolf token address : BBVq4m11Ud3frdQNQ4C5vURZtQMvs2k9p6L2VaX3ZmbF



Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 CyberWolf Meme Tokens


  • 5% Advertising and Marketing: 5% of the total supply will be allocated for project promotion and marketing activities.

  • 5% Team: 5% of the total supply will be allocated to the team for project development and management.

  • 5% Airdrop and Exchange Listings: 5% of the total supply will be used for airdrop campaigns and exchange listings.

  • Remaining 85%: The remaining 85% of the total supply will be available for trading on the market.

This Tokenomics plan outlines the total supply and distribution of CyberWolf Meme Tokens, as well as how the resources will be utilized.

CyberWolf Meme Token Roadmap 2024

  1. Initiation and Preparation (April 2024 - May 2024):

    • Formulation of the project idea and brainstorming sessions.

    • Formation of the team and assignment of tasks.

    • Development of the website and social media accounts.

  2. Launch and Promotion (June 2024 - July 2024):

    • Official announcement of CyberWolf Meme Token.

    • Commencement of promotional campaigns and community building.

    • Execution of the first airdrop event.

  3. Creation of NFT Collection (August 2024 - September 2024):

    • Designing a unique NFT collection exclusive to CyberWolf Meme Token.

    • Collaborating with artists to create the NFTs.

    • Promotion of the collection and launching NFT sales.

  4. Expansion and Growth (October 2024 - November 2024):

    • Organizing various events to enhance community engagement.

    • Hosting meme contests and rewarding activities.

    • Exploring partnerships to expand presence on other platforms.

  5. Consolidation and Sustainability (December 2024 - January 2025):

    • Developing revenue models to ensure project sustainability.

    • Applying for additional exchange listings to increase accessibility.

    • Planning and announcing the next phase of the roadmap.



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